Nectarine Salsa
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Evan Kleiman

The food blogger community is extensive and supportive, but having a few besties who blog is beyond.  Take my pal Delilah Snell for example.  She is half the duo (along with her niece Nicole Stevenson) that produces the Patchwork Shows and Craftcation conferences.  She lives in Santa Ana.  I live in mid-city more

Passover PopUp with Evan Kleiman
Event: Passover PopUp at The Skirball -
Evan Kleiman

Sticky date-apricot-raisin haroset with the aroma of juicy oranges, mild whitefish drowned in caramelized onions and drenched in a mustardy shallot vinaigrette.  Classic Angeli garlic-rosemary-lemon chicken and a spring veg "mazzagna".  It sounds like Angeli Passover to me.  I have really missed making this special dinner so I'm thrilled that more