Thoughts on Mom's 95th Birthday
Today Mom is 95 -
Evan Kleiman

And it's shocking.  As much to her as to those who gather around her.   No one in her family has come close to such an extended life. And as a smoker and eater everyone around her assumed she would be one of the first to fall. For years mom was more

Thanksgiving at Home -
Evan Kleiman

Like most of us my idea of Thanksgiving was formed at the family table.  My aunt and my mom created Thanksgiving together, sharing the responsibility and populating the table with a changing group of "strays".  So when it was my time to take up the challenge I took the chicken's way out, more

Weddings: One Day Two Celebrations -
Evan Kleiman

I'm having trouble giving up the idea of summer.  So I keep re-running a day I spent in July that was crazy, emotional, beautiful, and inspiring.  Two sets of friends celebrated their unions.  Yes, on the same day.  The first in Santa Ana, the second of the day in Santa more