9th KCRW Pie Contest
Pie Contest Time! -
Evan Kleiman

It's hard to believe but on Sunday May 6 UCLA and the Fowler Museum will once again host KCRW's Pie Contest.  This year is our 9th.  We started nine years ago in the atrium of the Topanga Westfield Mall with 200 pies and 400 observers.  This year we have well ...read more

Father’s Day Event: Torture by Habañero -
Evan Kleiman

A lot has been written (and shot for YouTube) about the hellishly hot Habañero chile.  Just to remind you of it's healthy sting it rates 150,000–325,000 on the Scoville scale compared to the bland, nearly invisible heat of the pathetic jalapeño pepper that comes in at only 2,500–8,000 Scoville units. Chichén Itzá ...read more

Noe Montes Photographer
Cookbooks: The Anatomy of Creating Photography -
Evan Kleiman

Local Baker Roxana Jullapat is known in the community as not just a baker but a passionate organizer and supporter of local causes, schools and other chefs.  She's the kind of firebrand you want on your team.  The one who hears an idea and without a beat is asking when ...read more

Events: Bakers Making Everything @ElysianLA -
Evan Kleiman

Bakers make more than carbohydrate foods.  Yes, really.  First of all they're people who love to cook and who respond in particular to food stories, so of course they're going to have a way with savory food too.  But since most bakers earn money baking they have little opportunity to ...read more

Event: Broken Spanish Hosts Mod Mex -
Evan Kleiman

That's not a misspelling for Mad Max but short for Modern Mexican.  You may have heard of local Tacorazzo Bill Esparza's epic line up for LA Weekly's Tacolandia on Saturday. The extravaganza has been sold out for weeks, but here's an opportunity to experience the crema de la crema the night before, on Friday June ...read more