making fig jam
Making Fig Jam -
Evan Kleiman

This year's fig output is rivaling the most bountiful zucchini harvest ever.  If like me you're racing to scoop figs off the pavement before the summer sun turns your backyard into a fermentation zone it's time to get on a ladder, pick everything that is nearly ripe and make some more

nigella's chocolate gingerbread
Super Easy Chocolate Gingerbread -
Evan Kleiman

Several years ago,  2004 in fact,  I became obsessed with Nigella Lawson's Chocolate Gingerbread from her cookbook Feast.  I made it once then another thirty times.  Why?  It's a perfect foolproof cake with holiday flavor that is dead simple, not just to make but to serve.  At Angeli we ended more

Coconut Pie Shell
Coconut Pie Crust – Actually Easier than Pie -
Evan Kleiman

Sometimes you want a big hit of coconut in your pie.  That's when I whip up this baby.  It couldn't be easier. Seriously.  There are two ingredients. This crust pairs well with the following fillings: Coconut Cream Banana Cream Chocolate Cream Cereal Milk Cream Lemon Key Lime Peanut Butter etc

making Churros at Home
Churros at Home -
Evan Kleiman

So once again my finely tuned food antennae went into overdrive after I came home from my Mercado Olympic experience.  I couldn't stop thinking about the Churros and I thought you might also be a bit obsessed after watching the video.  So here's just about the easiest recipe for anything more