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Ugly Fruit (but Oh So Delicious) -
Evan Kleiman

These days we're hearing more about food waste and how to cut down on the 40% that's thrown away from farm to table.  Yes, 40%.  In the USA. Shocking isn't it?  Some of it doesn't make it from farm to supermarket because it doesn't fit the particular standards set by more

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Food Forward Needs Truck – Let’s Help -
Evan Kleiman

Several years ago I interviewed a talented photographer Rick Nahmias about a moving photo series he did called The Migrant Project.  Next thing I knew he was talking about getting a few friends together to go to people's front and back yards to pick fruit off trees that wasn't being eaten more

Uncooked Berry Pie
Berry Pie – Filling Tips -
Evan Kleiman

I love berry pie. Berries are fragile, which is why we love them so much off the bush or in a bowl.  But there are a couple of things to keep in mind once you decide to cook them, like in a pie.  First.  Often they are less sweet than more

Farmers Market Shopping: Spring -
Evan Kleiman

When I was a kid my mom used to always tell me that my eyes were bigger than my stomach.  Nothing has changed really.  This is what I bought last Wednesday at the Santa Monica Farmers Market.  When I unpacked and realized that there was enough vegetable matter to fill more