Bag of ExpoWest Samples
Bittman, ExpoWest and the Rise of “Natural” -
Evan Kleiman

  The picture above show one of the bags of samples I collected from the Natural Products Expo in Anaheim.  Driving home with it in my car was one of the more dangerous driving experiences I've had recently.  Some folks seemed to be collecting enough to furnish an earthquake kit for more

Cookies Done
Gluten Free Cookies: Brown Butter Shortbread -
Evan Kleiman

I've been intrigued by the gluten free mix Cup 4 Cup for awhile.  It's a collaboration between famed Chef Thomas Keller and Chef Lena Kwak. Chef Kwak created the mix when she worked as the Research & Development Chef for the French Laundry in Yountville, CA.  It's expensive.  I paid $19.95 at more