GTA Four Onion Pizza
Pizza: GTA -
Evan Kleiman

The pizza crawl continues.  This time to the street of fabulousness otherwise known as Abbott Kinney in Venice.  If I lived in Venice I would eat at GTA everyday.  For breakfast I'd rotate between the Egg Sandwich, the Chia Pudding (don't laugh, it's so good), and the addicting Salmon Toast.  For lunch more

SemolinaLA Rigatoni
Made in LA: SemolinaLA -
Evan Kleiman

SemolinaLA kickstarter.  Support a talented and tenacious LA maker. I'm a pasta snob.  I admit it and I don't apologize for it.  I believe that great pasta is an Italian cultural artifact that's been given to the world.  And when I talk about pasta I'm talking about DRY PASTA, that more