Pie Camp at John C. Campbell Folk School
Pie Camp – Catch Up over Dough -
Evan Kleiman

Create your own Pie Camp with friends.  You can do it over a day or two.  Pick a few recipes, get together and bake.  Then take a break and do it again.  Now you're ready to enter a pie.  The contest doesn't have to be about competition.  It can be ...read more

Barb's Butter Crust
Recipe: Barb’s Butter Crust -
Evan Kleiman

This recipe is from my friend Barbara Swell.  I first "met" Barbara when I bought her book The Lost Art of Pie Making Made Easy, a sweet little paperback manual that first summer seven years ago when I was making a pie a day all summer.  It's filled with recipes and ...read more

Barbara Swell's Leafy Gallette
Pie: Crust Decor -
Evan Kleiman

I know I still owe you some words about my North Carolina experience but seriously words are hard to find.  So until I find my tongue about a life changing experience here is a little Crust Decor to inspire you.  The above pie was made by Jean Cohen, one of ...read more

Hot Water Dough Hand Pies -
Evan Kleiman

Getting ready to teach a Pie Camp with Barbara Swell at the John C. Campbell Folk School in Brasstown, NC means I've been playing with dough.  This weekend it was the UK Hot Water Dough traditionally used for meat pies.  It's a sturdy dough meant to handle the weight of  lots ...read more

ready to go blind baked pie shell
Recipe: Blind Baked Pie Crust -
Evan Kleiman

Making pumpkin, sweet potato or pecan pie for Thanksgiving?  Then it's time to learn how to Blind Bake a Crust. If you love a flaky, non soggy crust with your pumpkin or pecan pie then blind baking is for you. If you’ve never heard of blind baking before, its a ...read more