Pastry Wands in use
Pastry Tool: Pastry Wands -
Evan Kleiman

I recently received a package in the mail at KCRW.  Opening it up revealed a thin, long package of wood strips of differing thickness held together with a loop of chain called Pastry Wands.  I was immediately intrigued.  I tend to be a chaotic cook who forgoes attempts at perfection for more

6th Annual Good Food Pie Contest
Good Food Pie Contest Deadline Approaching! -
Evan Kleiman

If a small room full of 40 students standing elbow to elbow can go from the chaos pictured above to the skillful result below in one hour (!), then you have time to enter the Good Food Pie Contest and practice a winning pie.  Deadline is Sunday September 28 at more

Uncooked Berry Pie
Berry Pie – Filling Tips -
Evan Kleiman

I love berry pie. Berries are fragile, which is why we love them so much off the bush or in a bowl.  But there are a couple of things to keep in mind once you decide to cook them, like in a pie.  First.  Often they are less sweet than more