Cramming for the Pie Contest – Some Tips and Resources


Pie banner 2014As the deadline to register your pie for KCRW’s 7th Annual Good Food Pie Contest approaches I thought I would pitch in with some last minute ideas, resources, and tips.

What pie should you make?
Pick a pie you’re comfortable making or that you’re willing to make at least 5-10 times before contest day, Oct 4.  Do NOT underestimate the power of repetition.  Whatever you choose, it will be better every time you make it.  Pick a pie that will be good at room temperature.  The pie will be waiting for its shot with the judges for a couple of hours so taste yours under the same conditions.

Get Feedback
Literally.  Each time you practice your competition pie make sure people who are happy to be critical eat it and are honest with you.  (Maybe ask your mother).  Don’t fall in love with your own ability.  Be willing to stand back and take a hard look.

Have Fun
Even we LA “A” type personalities need to have fun.  Look at this experience as a chance to bond with a pie making partner or as a reason to dive into baking.  Above all try to have fun.  Winning is a bonus.  Making is what it’s all about.

Take a Class
There is still time to take a class before the contest. Check to see who’s teaching around town.


Anytime Online

Perfecting the Pie Crust (plus some filling tips), my 2 hr class on
Here’s a 50% discount link to the class.  You can ask me questions as you go through the material.  It’s super detailed.

Appetites’ Easy As Pie
My iphone/ipad app with 20 pies and step by step visual instruction


The Good Food Blog is a huge resource for ideas and recipes.  Go here for the equivalent of googling kcrw pie.



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