Aioli: Daniel Boulud Style


Boulud's Poached Egg Aioli

Boulud’s Poached Egg Aioli

This recipe is a revelation.  Poking around the internet for different versions of Aioli I spied this one from the famed NYC based chef from the south of France, Daniel Boulud.  If he doesn’t know how to make the perfect aioli no one does.  What intrigues me about this particular recipe is his use of 2 yolks and ONE POACHED EGG.  Yes, he uses a lightly poached egg to lighten and stabilize the emulsion.  I never had such a flawless and easy mayo making experience.  Usually I use all raw garlic in my aioli but I thought why not try the Boulud way and twice blanch the garlic to sweeten it.  Delicious.  Although the one change I did make in the recipe is to double the amount of raw garlic.  I like it a bit stronger.

Daniel Boulud's Aioli, almost

yes, that’s a poached egg

Tomato Sauce with Butter and Onion aka Almost Marcella’s Sauce

Marcella’s original version of this sauce is one of the great tomato sauces.  She uses canned tomatoes and leaves the onion unchopped then throws everything together to boil into a sauce.  It’s wonderful and I encourage you to try it.

This sauce is how I make it when I use fresh tomatoes (although you can use canned for mine as well).  The main difference is the onion.  I love soft cooked onions and like to have them remain in the sauce.