Pati’s Horchata

homemade horchata

Shaken, Left – Starch on bottom, right

This recipe is adapted from the lovely TV chef and cookbook author Pati Jinich.  Because my underlying reason for making horchata was to use it in a cream pie I was looking for a recipe that used milk.  It’s traditional to use only water when making the refreshing beverage.  I don’t love super sweet things so I cut back on the sugar.  I used the horchata as a base for a cream pie filling.  Yes, of course I did!

Master Recipe: Simple Shrimp Saute

shrimp saute

shrimp scampi style

Shrimp, scampi-style is the simplest most flavorful way to cook shrimp at home (aside from boiling).  And the beauty of the technique is that once you have shrimp cooked in butter or olive oil with garlic and a squeeze of lemon or lime you can used the finished dish in so many ways. Take a look at my post on SB Ridgeback Shrimp to see how I was able to transform one recipe into a week of special dinners.