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Magical entrance to the event space. Photo taken from

Bakers make more than carbohydrate foods.  Yes, really.  First of all they’re people who love to cook and who respond in particular to food stories, so of course they’re going to have a way with savory food too.  But since most bakers earn money baking they have little opportunity to showcase the meat or the veg close to their hearts.  David Thorne of Elysian continues to host a rotating showcase of “Bakers Making Everything”.

First baker up to the stove for this round, on June 6 is Na Young Ma of Proof, the wildly successful bakery with a rabid following in Atwater Village.  The four course menu is $48.
Mark Hendrix will be making delicious drinks.

She’ll be followed by:
June 13: Shannon Swindle of Craft LA
June 20: Christine Moore of Little Flower and Lincoln

Elysian is at 2806 Clearwater St. Los Angeles, CA, 90039
tel 323-522-6625
parking is challenging but perservere
Click HERE for menu details and 
to make reservations


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