Why I Love Cooking Videos


Have you ever turned to the internet to watch a video so that you could learn how to accomplish a particular task?  Like unclogging a sink for example, or replacing window glass or figuring out how to re-animate your ipad or cell phone? Handy isn’t it?  It’s the most direct way to learn something that needs to be accomplished with your hands (or finger tips), like having a a giant family of handy folks ready to teach whenever you need them.

I’ll admit that it took me awhile to fall into the bottomless vat of cooking videos available to all of us.  But I quickly realized that some of the most powerful learning moments of my life in the kitchen have happened in nano seconds.  You look over and see the way someone touches a ball of dough or lifts a delicate dumpling or steels the edge of a knive.  That’s what cooking videos are like for me.  Maybe you need some ingredient inspiration, or a particular technical move or you just want to watch someone (me) make pie dough.  That’s why I jumped to be part of the Craftsy.com move into the culinary space.  I love that people can watch and practice and that I get to directly answer any question a student has or share in the pleasure of success.  Many cookbook authors whose work I’ve admired for years are also on the Craftsy.com platform.

And all of us are up to 50% off through Monday!  Some are even free. So if you see a class that piques your interest, either a type of food (Italian) or a type of work (chocolate) or something on trend that you haven’t yet tackled (dumplings, whole grains, making fresh cheeses),  now is the time to experiment.

Here are just a few of the cooking classes on sale through Monday on Craftsy.com

Martha Rose Shulman’s Big Bowls
Andrea Nguyen’s Vietnamese Classics
Robert Danhi’s Authentic Thai
Grace Young on The Art of Stir Frying
Chocolate Queen Alice Medrich’s Decadent Chocolate Cake
Giuliano Hazan share his mother Marcella’s Sauces
Molly Stevens on Mastering the Braise











































































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