Seminar and Workshop on Dashi – Umami at Japanese American Nat’l Museum


Artisanal Katsuobushi

Artisanal Katsuobushi

Are you an Umami freak?  A Dashi aficianado? A lover of Katsuobushi?  Don’t understand any of these words, really but wish you did?  Learn from Kanbutsu Maestra (master of preserved foods) Mamiko Niashiyama owner of Yakicho Honten in Japan, a shop specializing in these ancient fundamental Japanese foods for 276 years.

On Saturday, March 22 Sonoko Sakai of Common Grains is hosting Mamiko at a free seminar and the following (paid)  in-depth workshop.

Learn how to cook with dashi, a foundation used in many Japanese cuisines such as miso soup, in this hands-on workshop with dashi maestro Mamiko Niashiyama and Common Grains’ Sonoko Sakai. They will show you how to prepare dashi for making miso soup, salad dressing, and seasoning to make rice and stews.

Menu includes:
▪ Soups with dried bonito, sardines, konbu seaweed and shitake mushrooms
▪ Umami-rich chicken and vegetable somen noodles
▪ Gomoku rice (rice with vegetables) and tamago (egg omelet)
▪ A light and clean spinach nori ohitashi salad
▪ Koji marinated cabbage, carrot and cucumber pickles

*Menu is subject to change depending on availability of ingredients.
Workshop follows immediately after seminar.
Dashi sale following workshop.
$75 members, $85 non-members, includes admission and supplies.
RSVP early, 25 participants max.

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