Culinary Hero: Paula Wolfert

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There are a few people in the world of food and cooking who have the passion to immerse themselves into a culture and come away with the gems,  dishes hidden in homes and restaurants that are attached to old ways of life and to the hearts of the people who live that life.  Paula Wolfert did it the old fashioned way, by moving to a place and living there. She did it when many of these countries were still pre-industrial so traditional producers and cooks were still embedded in daily culture.  She traveled with no fixers, no TV crews, no bloggers advice.  She was just living life, using her…Continue reading »

Recipe: Barb’s Butter Crust

This recipe is from my friend Barbara Swell.  I first “met” Barbara when I bought her book The Lost Art of Pie Making Made Easy, a sweet little paperback manual that first summer seven years ago when I was making a pie a day all summer.  It’s filled with recipes and lore.  I quickly understood that this was a woman who loved nothing more than talking to older folks about pie tradition and passing on those traditions.  We ended up meeting in person this year when she invited me to co-teach a pie camp at the John C. Campbell Folk School. Barb’s the real deal.  Her joy is to…Continue reading »

Recipe: Evan’s Basic Apple Pie

apple pie unbaked

If apples aren’t making a seasonal appearance at the farmers markets I use a mixture of tart, firm, sweet and yielding apples like Granny Smith, Golden Delicious and Pink Lady or Fuji. I love the taste of brown sugar in a pie, but if you prefer more sweetness and less butterscotch flavor use white sugar. You can also experiment by using maple syrup or palm sugar for sweetness.  The more apples in your pie, the longer it takes to bake so don’t panic if the pie has been in the oven for an hour and the slices are still firm. Sometimes it takes 70 minutes for a loaded…Continue reading »