Gifts: Last Minute Panic Ideas

last minute gift ideas

Local food gifts are your answer to the last minute panic of gift buying.  If you think local, like super-local, the neighborhood in which you live I’d wager that there is more than one restaurant, cheese shop, wine store, supermarket that sells packages of Cookies, Candy, Caramels, Granola or Jam, or even Duck Confit for example.  I’m sitting here at Republique eating a great bowl of granola for breakfast that is delicious.  They have pretty packages of cellophane bags filled with the stuff behind the cashier.  Buy 5 and throw them in people’s stockings.  Or bring a bag to a party instead of a bottle of wine.  I visited the…Continue reading »

Gift: My Fave Kitchen Towels

Round up of good kitchen towels for gifts

Everyone needs a little luxury in their life, however minimal.  Sometimes mine is a beautiful or funny kitchen towel.  When I grab it to dry my hands or a dish it reminds me of the talent and beauty in the world.  That’s a lot from a small piece of cloth.  There are always great options at Crate and Barrel etc, but I’ve discovered a world of artists who use the humble flour sack towel or a length of linen as a canvas for their designs or sense of humor.  It’s an easy way to give the gift of kitchen art. Here are some of my favorites. Once you click through…Continue reading »

Gifts for Children: Books with Food as the Subject

fruit suitcase

I asked my friends what some of their favorite food books for children are and I got an avalanche of replies.  These aren’t cookbooks, but story books with food as a subject. Since this is a category that I think can never have too many suggestions, here is the unexpurgated list.  Hopefully you’ll find something that appeals that you don’t already have.  I tried to include more non classics than classics since there are soooo many.  But if you love something not on the list, like all the classics, please chime in here or on my facebook page.  I’d like to give a special shout out to mom/food blogger Jessica…Continue reading »