Pie Camp – Catch Up over Dough

Pie Camp at John C. Campbell Folk School

Create your own Pie Camp with friends.  You can do it over a day or two.  Pick a few recipes, get together and bake.  Then take a break and do it again.  Now you’re ready to enter a pie.  The contest doesn’t have to be about competition.  It can be an excuse to get together and catch up with friends over dough and filling.  Use the upcoming KCRW Pie contest to focus your time.  Then forget about your Type A tendencies and just have fun. My Pie Camp experience was epic.  I finally found myself in a situation where I could feast on as much pie as I wanted.  I…Continue reading »

Icy Melon Refresher


    It’s hot.  You’re miserable.  You have a beautifully ripe market melon that you’ve been too lazy to eat.  You long for anything that will sate your thirst and cool you down but you want to expend as little energy as possible.  Here’s what you do: Peel the melon (green, orange, white, red – any aromatic melon will do) Scoop out the seeds Cut it up or break it apart as you stuff it into your blender or food processor Puree it Add lime juice and sugar to taste.  (If it’s a sweet summer melon you won’t need to add much sugar). I like to add a…Continue reading »

Culinary Hero: Paula Wolfert

Screen Shot 2015-07-07 at 11.56.28 AM

There are a few people in the world of food and cooking who have the passion to immerse themselves into a culture and come away with the gems,  dishes hidden in homes and restaurants that are attached to old ways of life and to the hearts of the people who live that life.  Paula Wolfert did it the old fashioned way, by moving to a place and living there. She did it when many of these countries were still pre-industrial so traditional producers and cooks were still embedded in daily culture.  She traveled with no fixers, no TV crews, no bloggers advice.  She was just living life, using her…Continue reading »