Food Adventure: Gjusta – the first day

shopping at Gjusta

Breakfast this weekend was punctuated with a pronouncement from The Mom. “The best fish I ever ate”, this from a women who has been eating cured, smoked, salted, baked salmon for 94 years. I may be a native Los Angelena, but you can’t deny eastern European roots when it comes to a love of cured fish. The silky texture with a touch of resistance, the fishy flavor transformed somehow, depending on the method of curing, into a deeper sense of the sea. And with kippered or baked salmon a perfect solidity of texture imbued with a hint of smoke and black pepper. That peak fish experience didn’t come…Continue reading »

Pastry Tool: Pastry Wands

Pastry Wands in use

I recently received a package in the mail at KCRW.  Opening it up revealed a thin, long package of wood strips of differing thickness held together with a loop of chain called Pastry Wands.  I was immediately intrigued.  I tend to be a chaotic cook who forgoes attempts at perfection for simply making food that tastes really good, so often my dough is uneven when I roll it out. That never worries me.  If it did I would have bought one of the few items marketed to bakers who want perfectly even crusts or cookies. There are adjustable rolling pins, thick rubber bands to attach to your pin, even sunken…Continue reading »

Recipe: Baby Zucchini + Flowers

Ricotta Filled Zucchini Flowers

Yeah, it’s nearly November and yet here in Los Angeles you can still find these adorable baby zucchini with the flowers attached at a couple farmers markets. I apologize to all of you who are watching your available local produce shrink along with the temperatures.  (At least you still have water).  The only obvious way to cook them is to fill the flower with something good then roast them in the oven hoping the flowers stay attached.  So that’s what I did several times during the summer and yet again last week.  The beauty of these zucchini, is that you need to do so little work for the ooo,…Continue reading »