Dai Due in Austin

Dai Due Live Fire Cooking Line

Spend time with Jesse Griffiths at his live fire restaurant Dai Due in Austin and you want to stay there and help hunt, butcher, forage, pickle and bake.  His is a seamless culinary aesthetic that honors honest ingredients, cooks, the live fire of chuck wagon cookery, and the German, Mexican and Cajun roots of Central Texas. It’s all about big, rich, flavor. Kind of like Texas itself.  Jesse and Tamara Mayfield entered the food scene of Austin with a supper club that evolved into a farmer’s market stand and now the brick and mortar Dai Due which includes a butcher shop. His focus and support of local ingredients is legendary.  Local for…Continue reading »

Today Mom is 95

Thoughts on Mom's 95th Birthday

And it’s shocking.  As much to her as to those who gather around her.   No one in her family has come close to such an extended life. And as a smoker and eater everyone around her assumed she would be one of the first to fall. For years mom was the fresser of her group, the eater.  After the “pause” that doesn’t refresh hit in the early 70s her body ballooned up and the topic of “Eadie’s weight” was on everyone’s lips.  She gained, she lost, she threw her cigarettes away, eventually gained again and didn’t care about the disapproving looks and whispers.  Because all along that journey she’s…Continue reading »

Daughter of the Original Craft Chick

Evan's Pie Dough

I grew up the daughter of one of the original craft chicks.  Despite moving from Philadelphia to Los Angeles after WWII to seek something new my mom brought with her a love of handwork and innate color sense.  She and my dad built their family in Silverlake amidst a flowering of Bohemian mid-century craft.  There were local potteries, artists, musicians everywhere. And when I came along I naturally became her crafting partner.  I remember sitting on the beach in Carpenteria at the age of ten learning crewel embroidery and wondering why she didn’t seem to mind the sand and salty sweat getting on our fabrics and thread.  Knitting…Continue reading »