Flourless Mexican Chocolate Cookies

Evan Kleiman

passover chocolate cookies

Variations on these intense chocolate no flour cookies pop up all over the internet around Passover, but they deserve some attention all year round as a Gluten Free option.  They are deeply chocolaty and take well to experimentation with additional flavors.  I like to add some of my favorite chocolate friendly flavors like almond, cinnamon and a hint of coffee.  I add coffee flavor in the form of Trablit, a French coffee essence that miraculously has a deep coffee flavor with no bitterness at all.  It’s the professional pastry chef’s secret and well worth the money.  You’ll find yourself putting it everywhere. But I encourage you to experiment…Continue reading »

Hot and Sour Soup, Enriched for Cold Fighting

Evan Kleiman

Evan's Hot Sour Soup

The other night I finally felt myself succumbing to the latest cold/flu.  That dreaded scratchy throat and overall malaise required soup. I love Hot and Sour Soup and luckily had chicken broth in the freezer and fresh ginger and turmeric in the fridge.  Ginger and turmeric are supposed to be anti-inflammatories so perfect for my worsening cold. I opened up Lucky Peach Presents 101 Easy Asian Recipes to see their take on the restorative dish.  (Plug here for the Good Food Cookbook Club.  The LP book is our latest selection) Their version It’s super easy to make and not thickened with cornstarch which makes it  is remarkably light.  What I love…Continue reading »

Special Gifts for your Favorite Foodie

Evan Kleiman

Curry Leaf Tree keeps on giving

This is a year where themed foodie gifts just leapt out at me. Let’s start with the bar.  Two great books to come out this year were The Dead Rabbit’s Grocery and Grog Drinks Menu and Death and Co.  If you know a budding bartender and have a favorite drink do both of you a favor and gift them a great bar book along with that special bottle of spirits they’ll never buy for themselves.  Or a collection of bitters you know they’ve been longing for.  Or simply open the book you’ve bought to the cocktail you want and buy everything needed to make that cocktail.  Put it all in…Continue reading »