School Lunch in Japan

Sanya Elementary Tokyo

While we struggle community by community to figure out how feed our school children an enjoyable healthy school lunch we might look to Japan for some ideas.  I understand that the scale is completely different, after all the total number of students at every elementary school in the country might be barely equal to the New York City or LA school district.  Also feeding America’s children who come from 150+ different culinary backgrounds rather than one poses it’s own challenges, but nevertheless the experience I had eating lunch with a class of 5th graders in a Tokyo suburb was illuminating, inspiring and quite moving. First some background.  Imagine the…Continue reading »

Recipe: Japanese Creamy Sesame Dip/Dressing

Japanese Sesame Dip

I had a yen for a little something something Valentine’s Day afternoon.  While the rest of you were focused on chocolate or something pink I was jonesing for the tastes of Japan. One of the most common is sesame in the form of a creamy dressing that appears often on broccoli or a tiny mixed salad.  I had some super sweet and crunchy sugar snap peas and a Chinese green harvest radish in the fridge.  I’m kind of obsessed with these big green skinned radishes lately.  Spicy and crunchy.  Whenever I buy a big head of cauliflower I always cut out the core to eat raw. I conveniently had one of…Continue reading »

Pie for Valentine’s Day

Fresh Strawberry Pie

It seems that global warming has given Southern California the gift of fresh strawberries earlier than usual.  So why not take the gift and throw together a Fresh Strawberry Pie. It’s fast, easy and very pretty and red!  Perfect for the holiday, even if your best valentine is yourself.  I happened to make the pie in the photo with a vanilla wafer crumb crust, but you could make your own chocolate crust, either with chocolate wafer cookies or by adding 3 tablespoons cocoa powder to your favorite pie dough recipe.  Don’t forget to blind bake your crust! This weekend Craftsy is having another big sale.  Use my link to shop on…Continue reading »