Rosh Hashana Pie = Apple Honey with Walnut Crust

Evan Kleiman

Apple Honey Walnut Pie

Food celebrating the Jewish New Year is generally characterized by sweetness as celebrants hope for a sweet and fruitful year.  The most emblematic memory I have of the holiday is dipping apples into honey.  I suspect you know where I going with this idea.  The Jewish Journal asked me to develop a Rosh Hashanah pie.  I love a good assignment. Naturally I thought of apples and honey.  But then walnuts somehow crept into the crust. To get the recipe check it out here.

Sweet Potato Pie

Evan Kleiman

Maple Brown Butter Sweet Potato Pie

It’s KCRW Pie Contest season.  Our 8th, if you can believe it.  It takes a village to put the day together for the thousands who show up to appreciate and gorge on pie so this year we reached out to sponsors.  We found a perfect one. Universal Pictures came on board in honor of their upcoming film Almost Christmas which has an elusive sweet potato pie recipe threading through the plot. Sweet potato pie is often the pie of choice instead of pumpkin in African American homes.  The reasons are historical, geographic and surprising.  Here’s a great article in the Washington Post by Adrian Miller titled How Sweet Potato Pie Became…Continue reading »

KCRW 8th Annual Good Food Pie Contest Registration Open

Evan Kleiman

kcrw good food pie contest registration now open

Registration for KCRW’s 8th Annual Good Food Pie Contest is now open and I’m doing some reflection.  How did I know eight years ago that my simple yet dogged desire to learn how to make better pies would turn into a community of crazed pie obsessives? Eight years ago I vowed to make a pie a day all summer long (#pieaday).  The project went public and resulted in 65 pies and a lot of self criticism.  It spawned an awesome pie contest.  As we embark on the 8th iteration I encourage you to register now and use the time before the October 2 contest date to practice.  All…Continue reading »