Egg Slicer – The inexplicable gift

egg slicer

The Mom bought me an egg slicer for my birthday.  A dear friend who is Mom’s bestie was deputized to buy it since mom can’t get around on her own. Apparently there were many conversations to plan the acquisition.  I opened the square box wrapped with “the funny papers” and was mystified.  I looked at mom, “An egg slicer?”  “Well, I wanted one”, she said.  My friends cracked up. This morning I was called into her room and told to make egg salad using the egg slicer.  “You don’t like how I grate it”? “Well, I thought if you cut the egg one direction then put it back and…Continue reading »

Nectarine Pico de Gallo – When Besties Blog

The food blogger community is extensive and supportive, but having a few besties who blog is beyond.  Take my pal Delilah Snell for example.  She is half the duo (along with her niece Nicole Stevenson) that produces the Patchwork Shows and Craftcation conferences.  She lives in Santa Ana.  I live in mid-city LA.  So we have this occasional tradition called Couchella.  It combines the fun of having a friend sleepover along with the adventure of a stay-cation.  The “host” organizes the adventure, introducing the bestie to previously unknown parts of the city.  It was my turn to host.  As usual I picked D up from Union Station and we headed…Continue reading »

Recipe: Vinegar Making Class

vinegar class

I use a lot of vinegar.  In particular aged red wine vinegar. I love its layered, complex, tart, winey flavor.  If you’ve had my Forte Dressing during the Angeli years you understand why. It used to be fairly easy to find good vinegar even though you have to pay a bit more since all of the good stuff seems to be imported from France, especially the barrel aged vinegars.   When people ask why my dressings taste so good I always say it’s the vinegar.  It makes a huge difference.  For years I’ve used the Vilux brand. But I always wondered if I made my own would it be even better?…Continue reading »