Recipe: Horchata Cream Pie

Horchata Cream Pie

In my quest to both get better at making cream pies and to enjoy eating them I challenged myself to come up with some flavors I enjoy in general.  It’s the best kind of inspiration. Then you can fiddle around until the cream filling that embodies the flavor you’re looking for emerges.   So I thought to myself, I like horchata.  It has tons of rice starch in it.  Let’s see if it will thicken if I cook it.  Guess what?  It did!  Of course I played with it a little. Horchata is water-based even if there is some milk in it.  The rice soaks in water with…Continue reading »

Recipe: Gluten Free Pie Dough – The Best I ever tasted

Gluten Free Pie Dough

I’ll be honest.  I don’t need to eat gluten free so I don’t spend a lot of time making gluten free baked goods.  So when I was co-teaching Pie Camp with Barbara Swell I didn’t focus on the spontaneous gluten free workshop that sprung up within pie camp.  A few folks who were either celiac, gluten sensitive or cooking for folks that were, banded together to conquer the GF pie crust.  Man did they succeed, but they had a pretty great start. Barbara’s daughter Annie Erbsen De Bacco is extremely sensitive to gluten.  She’s also a scientist, medical physicist, cheesemaker, natural cosmetic company founder etc. Growing up with a mom…Continue reading »

Coconut Pie Crust – Actually Easier than Pie

Coconut Pie Shell

Sometimes you want a big hit of coconut in your pie.  That’s when I whip up this baby.  It couldn’t be easier. Seriously.  There are two ingredients. This crust pairs well with the following fillings: Coconut Cream Banana Cream Chocolate Cream Cereal Milk Cream Lemon Key Lime Peanut Butter etc