Summer Veg Melange

Summer Veg in Pressure Cooker

When temperatures creep up into the 90s and beyond with equal humidity it’s like we’re being steamed or roasted ourselves so the need to cook to make a meal seems like a task for a masochist.  Unless you use a pressure cooker.  I know that some friends like to use slow cookers during the summer, but the idea of adding that heat to the kitchen for hours just isn’t something I can embrace.  Even the pervasive aromas that emanate from a slow cooker can kill a picky summer appetite. The pressure cooker however operates in a different way.  It takes very little heat/time to bring the food inside “up to pressure”, and…Continue reading »

Why I Love Cooking Videos

berry pie

Have you ever turned to the internet to watch a video so that you could learn how to accomplish a particular task?  Like unclogging a sink for example, or replacing window glass or figuring out how to re-animate your ipad or cell phone? Handy isn’t it?  It’s the most direct way to learn something that needs to be accomplished with your hands (or finger tips), like having a a giant family of handy folks ready to teach whenever you need them. I’ll admit that it took me awhile to fall into the bottomless vat of cooking videos available to all of us.  But I quickly realized that some of…Continue reading »

Making Dinner in the Heat Doesn’t Have to Involve Cooking

Black Cod Ceviche with Coconut Milk

This quick and easy dinner was inspired by Aida Mollenkamp‘s Chile Basil Coconut Ceviche. Black Cod arrived from the fish CSA this week, I just bought a can of coconut cream and I was awash in fresh lime juice.  It was, as they say, beshert, meant to be.  It never occurred to me to combine coconut milk/cream with lime juice to “cook” the fish. Black Cod is so luscious that I normally wouldn’t use it in ceviche but somehow the idea of combining like with like (rich fish and rich coconut cream) seemed like a good idea. I looked in the fridge to see what I had that would appeal…Continue reading »