Pie Fail = Just Another Opportunity

how to fix runny pie

On the eve of a lot of pie baking I gift you with a story of failure turned into success as a reminder that perfection is it’s own kind of hell.  Yeah, I know.  You get to a point in life where you say to yourself, really?  When will the “opportunities” stop.  Believe me, don’t ever wish for that.  This disgusting looking pie was an attempt to make my mom something to serve her flagging appetite.  The last pie I ever baked for her.  It’s an example of what happens when you are completely distracted.  And yet the disaster turned out to be a pretty great save. Unfortunately I was…Continue reading »

One Pot Pasta – Spaghetti and Sauce

one pot pasta raw

When I found out I was going to interview Nora Singley, she of the internet sensation One Pan Pasta I was excited but skeptical.  My maturation as a cook happened in the Italian kitchen so I cook in pretty tried and true traditional ways.  The pasta cooking instructions for every single one of my cookbooks always begins the same way.  Bring a large pot of salted water to the boil.  So what was I to think about this quirky  method of putting a small amount of water in a pan with raw pasta and the condiments to flavor the sauce? Yep, skeptical.  Except for one little niggling thought.  Nora learned this…Continue reading »

Recipe: Horchata Cream Pie

Horchata Cream Pie

In my quest to both get better at making cream pies and to enjoy eating them I challenged myself to come up with some flavors I enjoy in general.  It’s the best kind of inspiration. Then you can fiddle around until the cream filling that embodies the flavor you’re looking for emerges.   So I thought to myself, I like horchata.  It has tons of rice starch in it.  Let’s see if it will thicken if I cook it.  Guess what?  It did!  Of course I played with it a little. Horchata is water-based even if there is some milk in it.  The rice soaks in water with…Continue reading »