KCRW 8th Annual Good Food Pie Contest Registration Open

Evan Kleiman

kcrw good food pie contest registration now open

Registration for KCRW’s 8th Annual Good Food Pie Contest is now open and I’m doing some reflection.  How did I know eight years ago that my simple yet dogged desire to learn how to make better pies would turn into a community of crazed pie obsessives? Eight years ago I vowed to make a pie a day all summer long (#pieaday).  The project went public and resulted in 65 pies and a lot of self criticism.  It spawned an awesome pie contest.  As we embark on the 8th iteration I encourage you to register now and use the time before the October 2 contest date to practice.  All…Continue reading »

Meat Ravioli from Leftovers

Evan Kleiman

making ravioli

I’m sure that tucking a bit of leftover food into a sheet of pasta aka ravioli had its origins in creating abundance from very little.  They are the perfect food to use up leftovers.  You just need two things.  Some fresh egg pasta in your freezer and some good stuff that you already cooked.  The fresh pasta thing is a bit more complicated so I’ll do a separate post on it.  In the meantime check out Serious Eats exploration of the perfect fresh pasta.  I make my dough in the food processor, then roll it out using an Italian pasta sheet roller. And yes, when I make fresh pasta I…Continue reading »

Flourless Mexican Chocolate Cookies

Evan Kleiman

passover chocolate cookies

Variations on these intense chocolate no flour cookies pop up all over the internet around Passover, but they deserve some attention all year round as a Gluten Free option.  They are deeply chocolaty and take well to experimentation with additional flavors.  I like to add some of my favorite chocolate friendly flavors like almond, cinnamon and a hint of coffee.  I add coffee flavor in the form of Trablit, a French coffee essence that miraculously has a deep coffee flavor with no bitterness at all.  It’s the professional pastry chef’s secret and well worth the money.  You’ll find yourself putting it everywhere. But I encourage you to experiment…Continue reading »