KCRW Radio HostWhen I was a geeky nine year old eager to learn about cultures and communities far away from the Los Angeles of the 50s the world wasn’t connected as it is now. Narrative cookbooks and Gourmet Magazine were my magic carpets.  Today I continue to take that magic ride on my weekly radio show Good Food.  Few are as lucky as I to have a job so completely suited to what drives them.  I admit it.  I’m a food information junkie.  After 50 years of learning it’s still not enough.  The constant cycle of reading, research and interview I’m in for Good Food feeds my brain and hopefully will entertain and inform you as well as make you part of an eclectic community of food lovers.

If you haven’t yet listened in, Good Food is my weekly hour-long  taste of life, culture and the human species seen through food.  The show airs on radio throughout Southern California Saturdays at 10am on KCRW 89.9 fm.  If you
missed a new show you can always listen online.  Archived shows going back many years are also available for listening online at  Podcasters can find Good Food on itunes, on the KCRW App, as well as nearly every other podcasting app out there. Look for Kcrw’s Good Food.  If you’ve never downloaded a podcast to your smartphone before, the app Downcast makes it very easy.

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