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Easy As Pie App

Make Pie along with me in this app that makes making pie, well, like it says, Easy As Pie.  20 video classes shot from my pov with easy stop and start allows you to roll along with me.

Cucina Fresca Cookbook

My cookbook career began way back in 1983 when I convinced my kitchen colleague Viana La Place to collaborate on a cookbook.  That first effort of ours became Cucina Fresca a book where we share our love of the Italian tradition of antipasti and it’s relations meant to be cooked ahead and served at leisure.  How could I have imagined that decades later the book would still be in print and on the shelf of nearly every expat I meet in Italy.  It’s perfect summer food, farm to table food, the “I want to pretend I’m living in an Italian villa” food.  In addition we’ve been honored by the inclusion of Cucina Fresca in the book, 101 Classic Cookbooks


A few years and much pasta tasting later we released another collaboration.  This time Pasta, the most beloved food of the Italian kitchen was our focus.  Although our book is called Pasta Fresca, fresh egg pasta isn’t the only subject.  In fact, the majority of the recipes are made with imported Italian dried durum wheat pasta, a better marriage for the olive oil based, piquant recipes we prefer.  But don’t let me go on.  Get the book and learn all about Why you shouldn’t add oil to the pasta cooking water, or how fast a real fresh tomato sauce is to make.

Cucina Rustica Cookbook

Cucina Rustica is the final book of my collaboration with Viana. It is a celebration of the complete Italian meal from soup to dessert.  As with our previous two books the recipes are all about accessible recipes made with simple ingredients and technique.  The New York Times said “The freshness of the recipes is what makes them so appealing. That they are also simple adds to their charm”.  This is a wonderful starter book for a graduate striking out on her/his own or newlyweds, as well as people who just want  a guide to cooking stripped down, classic Italian food with no fuss.


Cucina del Mare was my first solo effort.  Like many who travel in Italy I was seduced by the easy elegance of food eaten by the sea. The vibrant culture of the Italian take on fish and seafood is seductive and surprisingly easy to create at home.  Fish seems to be one of the scariest foods for home cooks to prepare so I really wanted to share how easy it is to make a superb meal filled with flavorful punch at home.  Take a look.  You’ll be surprised.

Cucina del Mare Cookbook

My restaurant Angeli was open from 1984-2012, a good 27 year run.  During that time each of our menu items developed a fan base.  It became impossible to take menu items off so, of course, I just kept adding them which developed more cheerleaders.  Go Ricotta Gnocchi, Go!  So here is the book that collects all these fan favorites in one place. Angeli Caffe: Pizza, Pasta, Panini is the food we all love to eat.  Whether we’re 8 years old or 80 put a great pizza, sandwich or piece of lasagne in front of us and we tuck in with a satisfied smile. The food is straight ahead Italian trattoria food with a California twist.


A colleague once called my food Cucina Rustica from the provincia of California.  I think it’s an apt description.  Our climate and access to a bounty of seasonal vegetables and fruit informed the menu at Angeli Caffe for years.  I have both the hardcover and trade paperback editions.

Pizzeria Cookbook

Pizzeria: The Best of Casual Pizza Oven Cooking is part of the series, Casual Cuisines of the World.  I share my dough recipe and techniques for making neapolitan style pizzas, foccacia and the kind of simple, casual dishes you might find in a family run pizzeria in Italy.  Like all my books the recipes pack a good punch of flavor and are very easy to make