Japanese Culinary Immersion and the NYC’s League of Kitchens

Evan Kleiman

It happened that Good Food was nominated for a Beard Award and I found myself in NYC with an unbooked Saturday. I remembered a New York Times article I read on League of Kitchens, a unique organization that offers cooking classes taught by immigrant home cooks.  I reached out to to the League to see if I could slip into a Japanese Immersion class.  Even the name is perfect.  Immersion like language, my language, food.  Founder Lisa Gross and program manager Sonya Kharas were welcoming and so helpful.  Each class is five hours long and has only six students, a perfect experience for jumping into a new cuisine. I’ve said…Continue reading »

Super Easy Chocolate Gingerbread

Evan Kleiman

nigella's chocolate gingerbread

Several years ago,  2004 in fact,  I became obsessed with Nigella Lawson’s Chocolate Gingerbread from her cookbook Feast.  I made it once then another thirty times.  Why?  It’s a perfect foolproof cake with holiday flavor that is dead simple, not just to make but to serve.  At Angeli we ended up pairing it in a trifle with a luscious tart lemon curd and whipped cream. It’s easy to make for a crowd.  Now I serve it for tea plain or with a lemony glaze studded with candied ginger or with swirls of ginger-cinnamon enhanced cream cheese frosting.  The tweaks I make are adding ground pepper for more bite….Continue reading »

Rosh Hashana Pie = Apple Honey with Walnut Crust

Evan Kleiman

Apple Honey Walnut Pie

Food celebrating the Jewish New Year is generally characterized by sweetness as celebrants hope for a sweet and fruitful year.  The most emblematic memory I have of the holiday is dipping apples into honey.  I suspect you know where I going with this idea.  The Jewish Journal asked me to develop a Rosh Hashanah pie.  I love a good assignment. Naturally I thought of apples and honey.  But then walnuts somehow crept into the crust. To get the recipe check it out here.