The Chef Show Peach Gallette

Evan Kleiman

I’m so happy to share the recipe for the Peach Gallette I made with Roy and Jon during our episode honoring Jonathan Gold. We shot the show soon after Jonathan left us and feelings were raw. It was so lovely to get to spend the day with Jazz, her girls and our hosts Jon and Roy to do what Jonathan loved best. To cook and eat with friends. Before you make the Gallette or Pie-llete as I called it on the show you first need to make the dough. Mine is below. If you want a deep dive class with me on how to do it check out…Continue reading »

Mama Simpson’s (I Mean My) Apple Pie

Evan Kleiman

Evan Kleiman's pie recipe as featured on the tv show The Simpsons

So how does it feel for your favorite recipe to show up on The Simpsons?  Well, beyond surreal that’s for sure.  When they first reached out via email to ask if I’d like to contribute a recipe to the episode I thought it was a prank.  But then they sent me the script.  When you agree to do something like this you do the work, send it off then pretty much forget about it.  The recipe’s author is what’s called an “easter egg”.  It’s something buried in the episode that only a certain kind of obsessed nerd will discover, like a little present.  Except this time I guess…Continue reading »

Pie Contest Time!

Evan Kleiman

9th KCRW Pie Contest

It’s hard to believe but on Sunday May 6 UCLA and the Fowler Museum will once again host KCRW’s Pie Contest.  This year is our 9th.  We started nine years ago in the atrium of the Topanga Westfield Mall with 200 pies and 400 observers.  This year we have well over 400 pie entries (some of us think we may hit 500 pies) and the “observers” have turned into thousands of eaters.  Just do the math. 400 pies cut into 10 pieces each is 4,000 slices of pie.  Judging all that pie is a gargantuan task and we have a large and talented pool of judges ready.  Just…Continue reading »