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I teach occasionally at a variety of cooking schools, but it seems that these days more people want me to do private classes in their homes. I am very happy to oblige.

Cooking Class Hands

How do you set up a private class with me?  It’s easy.  Identify someone in your group of friends with a decent kitchen.  It doesn’t have to be fabulous or beautiful, just functional for the number of people you want to have over.  Moneywise you can host the class or invite your friends to each pitch in.  Or, and this is pretty fun, you can celebrate a birthday, anniversary, or the fact that it’s Saturday and invite people over for dinner.  Ask your friends who love to cook and learn to come early and join me in making the meal.  Then we all sit down together and relax, eat and talk.  It’s a mashup of class and “private cooking”.

Upcoming Public Classes

Class: Pie!
Date: June 7, 2018, Sunday  1pm
Where: Paso Robles, CA
More info: Refugio in Paso Robles

Book Your Own Custom Class

Live in LA or surrounding areas and want to set up a cooking class? Yes, then fill out the contact form.

Don’t live in LA and want Evan to teach in your city?  Yes, then fill out the contact form.

Here are a few class ideas for you.

  • Your Angeli Favorites
  • My Angeli Favorites
  • Pie
  • Using the Rustic Italian Kitchen to Learn to Cook Intuitively
  • Menu Classes
  • Jewish Holiday Classes
  • Single Subject Classes to get in-depth practice
  • Pizza
  • Fresh Pasta
  • Seasonal Pasta Sauces
  • Antipasti – or How Vegetarians Can Eat Like Royalty
  • Tomato Canning 101

Evan’s Cooking Class Videos