PicklingWith 30+ years of restaurant production experience and fifteen years in a constant research mode preparing for thousands of Good Food
interviews I am able to see the micro context of a recipe and the macro context of a product.  I believe that an excellent recipe has many different possibilities as a product depending on the context in which it comes to life.  And I know how to make really good food. 

Product and Recipe Development
Whether you are a farmer looking for a signature value added product, a small company looking to serve a niche market or a corporation or food board needing to reach a large audience through a product with wide appeal I can help.

  • Develop Value Added Products for Farmers
  • Develop recipe for niche market products
  • Recipe development for Food Boards

I truly enjoy working within a given set of parameters to create the best possible taste experience.

Indie Biz Consulting
Food is more than a recipe – Do you know your story?


These days, creating your product is about more than sharing a good recipe.  You need to create a story.  It’s a hard task to do in isolation.  A couple of brainstorming sessions can be all you need to move from vague idea to crystal clear vision of where you need to go next.  I would love to help you figure out how to tell the story you have within you through food.

Once you know where you’re going I can help you get there through production and marketing recommendations.  In addition, I can help you figure out if making a product at home under the new Cottage Law regulations makes sense for you.

  • BRAINSTORM your “story”
  • Create FOCUS for your product
  • Explore FINANCIAL VIABILITY of your idea
  • CONNECT you with appropriate people/companies for your next step whether it’s package design, marketing or production.

Restaurant Consulting
If your menu works for you but you feel individual menu items could taste better I can help.  We can work together to assess your current recipes and see what changes can be made.  I can work within existing constraints or upon request, can improve ingredients. If you need to freshen the menu with a few new items I can help you develop ideas, create new recipes and train staff to make them.

  • Recipe Development for new menu items
  • Refresh classic menu items
  • Source new ingredients to drive flavor
  • Staff training


I work within several compensation structures.  Project based payment, Day Rate, or hourly.

To get in touch and speak to me more about consulting with you fill out the contact form.