Spicy Corn Coconut Soup
Recipe: Spicy Corn Coconut Soup -
Evan Kleiman

If you follow me on social media you know my mom isn't shy about criticizing the food I make for her.  So when her reaction to this soup was "Best Soup Ever.  You should sell it!" I thought it was time to share the (non) recipe.  This dish is the ...read more

Tony Vultaggio Fishes for Black Cod
Recipe: Thai Inspired Black Cod Coconut Soup -
Evan Kleiman

The top of mind preparation for Black Cod has to be Nobu Matsuhisa's Miso Black Cod.  It's luscious,  velvety, addicting and incredibly easy to make. And I really like The Kitchn's recommendation to marinate the fish on the weekend and serve it mid-week. But I didn't want to wait three to ...read more