Baby Artichokes with Herbs
Baby Artichokes, Roman Style -
Evan Kleiman

Baby Artichokes braised with herbs, garlic and extra virgin olive oil Artichokes, Roman Style are one of the signature dishes that Spring has finally arrived.  Whether made from large globe artichokes, smaller, purplish Italian varieties or baby artichokes the basic technique of braising the vegetable in nearly equal parts water more

Bowl of Cooling Yogurt -
Evan Kleiman

When it's really hot and appetite flags a cooling bowl of yogurt can be all you need.  This combination, taken from the Persian kitchen is halfway between Mast-o-Khiar the cucumber-yogurt dip that accompanies many dishes and an Ash-e-Mast or yogurt soup. In my version I use full fat Indian yogurt more

Adventures in Japanese Cooking: Udon -
Evan Kleiman

My Japanese cooking adventure continues.  It's lovely to have someone to cook for every night, especially someone as sweet and encouraging as my student roommate Miku. Given the heat I figured that she might appreciate a bowl of cold udon.  Now that my pantry is stocked with Japanese basics it's more

nigella's chocolate gingerbread
Super Easy Chocolate Gingerbread -
Evan Kleiman

Several years ago,  2004 in fact,  I became obsessed with Nigella Lawson's Chocolate Gingerbread from her cookbook Feast.  I made it once then another thirty times.  Why?  It's a perfect foolproof cake with holiday flavor that is dead simple, not just to make but to serve.  At Angeli we ended more

Maple Brown Butter Sweet Potato Pie
Sweet Potato Pie -
Evan Kleiman

It's KCRW Pie Contest season.  Our 8th, if you can believe it.  It takes a village to put the day together for the thousands who show up to appreciate and gorge on pie so this year we reached out to sponsors.  We found a perfect one. Universal Pictures came on board more