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Delicious Pizza and Some Memories -
Evan Kleiman

I love pizza.  Who doesn't?  But I don't eat it all the time and to be honest often I make it at home since pizza for me has morphed into a toe dip into memory.  Angeli pizza never got much respect from the critics but that's okay, the customers loved more

Dai Due Live Fire Cooking Line
Dai Due in Austin -
Evan Kleiman

Spend time with Jesse Griffiths at his live fire restaurant Dai Due in Austin and you want to stay there and help hunt, butcher, forage, pickle and bake.  His is a seamless culinary aesthetic that honors honest ingredients, cooks, the live fire of chuck wagon cookery, and the German, Mexican and Cajun roots more

Hot? How About a Milkshake at Pono Burger? -
Evan Kleiman

On this very hot day I can't stop thinking about the strawberry milkshake I inhaled for dessert at Pono Burger a couple weeks back.  Strawberry was all time childhood ice cream fave flavor.  But somehow I abandoned it in adulthood in favor of the "more interesting" salted caramel, brown bread, you know the more