Pizza: GTA

GTA Four Onion Pizza

GTA Four Onion Pizza

The pizza crawl continues.  This time to the street of fabulousness otherwise known as Abbott Kinney in Venice.  If I lived in Venice I would eat at GTA everyday.  For breakfast I’d rotate between the Egg Sandwich, the Chia Pudding (don’t laugh, it’s so good), and the addicting Salmon Toast.  For lunch I’d have The Trio (a choice of their Ottolenghi-ish salads), or the Brisket Banh Mi (although then I’d have to take a nap) or the Broccolini Melt, and for dinner, you guessed it, PIZZA!

The last time I went I got the Four Onion Pizza which had a little chard and goat cheese on it.  Next time I might get the Salted Anchovy or the Bitter Greens with Bacon.  GTA’s dough is Neapolitan-esque.  Very soft and easily foldable despite the deep char from the wood oven.  If you’re not in the mood for pizza when you go, get a loaf of bread.  You’ll be happy, I promise.

I could go on and on.  Others have.  But just know that it’s worth standing in line and eating on a crate or leaning into the street.  Or if you need more comfort, just take whatever you ordered and go back to your car, put on some tunes, tune out the traffic and enjoy.  Oh and speaking of tunes check out the new record shop, yes records, the physical objects at new brick and mortar Vnyl down the street.  They also dropped a new Netflix style vinyl subscription service.  So eat pizza and while listening to a record.

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  1. On my last visit to LA I was staying about 4 blocks from GTA. I tried to eat at other places, and succeed once, but I kept returning to GTA over and over. The toasts! The sandwiches! The BEST!

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