Churros from Mercado Olympic
Churros at Mercado Olympic -
Evan Kleiman

The other day I rang pal Bill Esparza to ask if he had any food adventures coming up.  I wanted to tag along.  He suggested a 4:30am start to drink spiked hot chocolate with milk straight from the cow's teat.  I had good intentions.  I even woke up at 4:15 more

Bag of ExpoWest Samples
Bittman, ExpoWest and the Rise of “Natural” -
Evan Kleiman

  The picture above show one of the bags of samples I collected from the Natural Products Expo in Anaheim.  Driving home with it in my car was one of the more dangerous driving experiences I've had recently.  Some folks seemed to be collecting enough to furnish an earthquake kit for more

shopping at Gjusta
Food Adventure: Gjusta – the first day -
Evan Kleiman

Breakfast this weekend was punctuated with a pronouncement from The Mom. “The best fish I ever ate”, this from a women who has been eating cured, smoked, salted, baked salmon for 94 years. I may be a native Los Angelena, but you can’t deny eastern European roots when it comes more

Nectarine Salsa
Nectarine Pico de Gallo – When Besties Blog -
Evan Kleiman

The food blogger community is extensive and supportive, but having a few besties who blog is beyond.  Take my pal Delilah Snell for example.  She is half the duo (along with her niece Nicole Stevenson) that produces the Patchwork Shows and Craftcation conferences.  She lives in Santa Ana.  I live in mid-city more