making doughnuts
National Doughnut Day: A Belated Celebration -
Evan Kleiman

The trade group food holiday thing is kind of nuts.  Every month hosts multiple "celebrations", every day is an excuse to focus on yet another food.  As if we needed an excuse.  I'm surprised a younger Morgan Spurlock hasn't attempted to eat his/her way through a year of said trade more

Recipe: Cold Noodles are a Cool Template -
Evan Kleiman

  My improvisational style of cooking involves templates.  Especially when it comes to cold noodles.  I hate thinking of them as "salads" since that implies a "dressing" that is at the forefront.  Instead, they're bowls of cool freshness, or fresh coolness. When it's hot I want a flavor bomb, some spice more

Toast with cream cheese, peas and bacon
Peas on Toast (with Bacon) -
Evan Kleiman

It was one of those days.  I had run all over town doing errands when suddenly it was 5 o'clock and I remembered that the fridge was uncharacteristically empty.  I got home, ran up the stairs, ran into the kitchen slightly panicked (the Mom must be fed) and saw that the more

dried fresh pasta or "malfade" badly made with Tomato Butter Sauce
Malfade aka “Badly Made” Pasta -
Evan Kleiman

By now I hope you're starting to figure out that I rarely make an isolated "dish" or "recipe". Nearly everything I make starts out with something I already made before.  I hesitate to call it a leftover.   I have a very wide definition of mise en place.   It's all more