Evan's Hot Sour Soup
Hot and Sour Soup, Enriched for Cold Fighting -
Evan Kleiman

The other night I finally felt myself succumbing to the latest cold/flu.  That dreaded scratchy throat and overall malaise required soup. I love Hot and Sour Soup and luckily had chicken broth in the freezer and fresh ginger and turmeric in the fridge.  Ginger and turmeric are supposed to be anti-inflammatories so perfect ...read more

one pot pasta raw
One Pot Pasta – Spaghetti and Sauce -
Evan Kleiman

When I found out I was going to interview Nora Singley, she of the internet sensation One Pan Pasta I was excited but skeptical.  My maturation as a cook happened in the Italian kitchen so I cook in pretty tried and true traditional ways.  The pasta cooking instructions for every single one of ...read more

Lentil Salad, a template for whole grain salads
Recipe: Lentil Salad – a Template -
Evan Kleiman

I start the year with a plateful of lentils for good luck.  It's an Italian tradition that usually involves cooking the lentils with a hunk of pork in the form of a cotechino, a large pork sausage made with the cotiche or pig skin and shaped like a pig's foot.  I ...read more

Thanksgiving Leftovers: The Denouement -
Evan Kleiman

Maybe you come from a family that prepares just the right amount of food to feed everyone. I’ve always admired that. That has never happened in my house. If there isn’t enough to feed three to four to ten people who “drop by” then there “isn’t enough. Couple that with ...read more

Thanksgiving at Home -
Evan Kleiman

Like most of us my idea of Thanksgiving was formed at the family table.  My aunt and my mom created Thanksgiving together, sharing the responsibility and populating the table with a changing group of "strays".  So when it was my time to take up the challenge I took the chicken's way out, ...read more