egg slicer
Egg Slicer – The inexplicable gift -
Evan Kleiman

The Mom bought me an egg slicer for my birthday.  A dear friend who is Mom’s bestie was deputized to buy it since mom can’t get around on her own. Apparently there were many conversations to plan the acquisition.  I opened the square box wrapped with “the funny papers” and was more

Pasta alla Ricotta
Recipe: A Simple Pasta with Ricotta -
Evan Kleiman

A simple pasta is a live saver.  How many nights are you rescued from eating out of a box just because you know how to throw together a good simple pasta?  First tip:  Don’t just rely on tomato sauce to coat the pasta.  I love good sweet, milky ricotta and when I’m more

Uncooked Berry Pie
Berry Pie – Filling Tips -
Evan Kleiman

I love berry pie. Berries are fragile, which is why we love them so much off the bush or in a bowl.  But there are a couple of things to keep in mind once you decide to cook them, like in a pie.  First.  Often they are less sweet than more

Smoked Mozzarella with Seasoned Tomatoes
Recipe: Scamorza alla Griglia for a Simple Dinner -
Evan Kleiman

Cheese and tomatoes go together like, well, pizza.  But sometimes you don't want all that bread.  Sometimes you want something satisfying, fresh, that's hot and quick.  Insalata Caprese is great, but when I want something a bit more substantial and warm I make Scamorza Affumicata alla Griglia.  Or grilled smoked more