Icy Melon Refresher -
Evan Kleiman

    It's hot.  You're miserable.  You have a beautifully ripe market melon that you've been too lazy to eat.  You long for anything that will sate your thirst and cool you down but you want to expend as little energy as possible.  Here's what you do: Peel the melon ...read more

apple pie unbaked
Recipe: Evan’s Basic Apple Pie -
Evan Kleiman

If apples aren’t making a seasonal appearance at the farmers markets I use a mixture of tart, firm, sweet and yielding apples like Granny Smith, Golden Delicious and Pink Lady or Fuji. I love the taste of brown sugar in a pie, but if you prefer more sweetness and less ...read more

Yam and Russet Potato Salad
Orange and White Potato Salad -
Evan Kleiman

It's funny how recipe ideas can sneak up on you.  This one happened because I've been reading so many Middle Eastern inspired cookbooks lately and making a commitment to use everything in my fridge before it turns to slime.  I was looking at a partially full container of lebne (sometimes called labneh), ...read more

Evan's Choc Chip Cookies
Best Chocolate Chip Cookies Ever -
Evan Kleiman

This weekend I made the best cookies I've ever made in my life.  For someone who made cookies to sell in a restaurant for years that's a pretty big statement. For years my "go to" chocolate chip cookie has been Kim Boyce's Chocolate Chip Cookies from her book Good to ...read more

Spicy Corn Coconut Soup
Recipe: Spicy Corn Coconut Soup -
Evan Kleiman

If you follow me on social media you know my mom isn't shy about criticizing the food I make for her.  So when her reaction to this soup was "Best Soup Ever.  You should sell it!" I thought it was time to share the (non) recipe.  This dish is the ...read more