Baby Artichokes with Herbs
Baby Artichokes, Roman Style -
Evan Kleiman

Baby Artichokes braised with herbs, garlic and extra virgin olive oil Artichokes, Roman Style are one of the signature dishes that Spring has finally arrived.  Whether made from large globe artichokes, smaller, purplish Italian varieties or baby artichokes the basic technique of braising the vegetable in nearly equal parts water more

Yam and Russet Potato Salad
Orange and White Potato Salad -
Evan Kleiman

It's funny how recipe ideas can sneak up on you.  This one happened because I've been reading so many Middle Eastern inspired cookbooks lately and making a commitment to use everything in my fridge before it turns to slime.  I was looking at a partially full container of lebne (sometimes called labneh), more

Lentil Salad, a template for whole grain salads
Recipe: Lentil Salad – a Template -
Evan Kleiman

I start the year with a plateful of lentils for good luck.  It's an Italian tradition that usually involves cooking the lentils with a hunk of pork in the form of a cotechino, a large pork sausage made with the cotiche or pig skin and shaped like a pig's foot.  I more

Pizzoccheri, Cheesy Pasta of the Italian Way North
Recipe: Pizzoccheri, the Comfort Pasta of the Season -
Evan Kleiman

The refrigerator is suffering from in-between celebration emptiness. A lonely cabbage sits there with a nice head of garlic, a elderly chunk of fontina and some grated parm. And yet it’s enough to create a world of comfort because I have a package of Pizzoccheri purchased several weeks ago. Prounounced more

Ricotta Filled Zucchini Flowers
Recipe: Baby Zucchini + Flowers -
Evan Kleiman

Yeah, it's nearly November and yet here in Los Angeles you can still find these adorable baby zucchini with the flowers attached at a couple farmers markets. I apologize to all of you who are watching your available local produce shrink along with the temperatures.  (At least you still have water). more