Artichoke Stem Salad
Artichokes: Don’t Forget the Stems -
Evan Kleiman

People say we don't have seasons in LA.  Oh but we do my friends, we do.  For example, now is Artichoke Season, a time when (if you're lucky) you can find a farmer harvesting huge heavy artichokes with a long stem still attached.  The artichoke head that we eat is more

Celery Vinaigrette made with Dashi
Dashi Braised Celery Vinaigrette -
Evan Kleiman

Take two umami powerhouses and wed them with moist heat and you get a dish of extreme simplicity that’s astonishingly flavorful.  Sonoko Sakai is a Japanese friend who is a gifted teacher.  Listen to her talk about making Dashi here.   Change Up: Because I’m lucky and live in SoCal more

Recipe: Roast Garlic … on Everything Please -
Evan Kleiman

After making roast garlic puree for a client I thought why don't I deserve a little garlic love at home?  Usually I roast whole heads the traditional way.  First you lop off the tops, situate them in a little aluminum foil chair then drizzle oil over the exposed cloves and more