Evan Kleiman's pie recipe as featured on the tv show The Simpsons
Mama Simpson’s (I Mean My) Apple Pie -
Evan Kleiman

So how does it feel for your favorite recipe to show up on The Simpsons?  Well, beyond surreal that's for sure.  When they first reached out via email to ask if I'd like to contribute a recipe to the episode I thought it was a prank.  But then they sent ...read more

apple pie unbaked
Recipe: Evan’s Basic Apple Pie -
Evan Kleiman

If apples aren’t making a seasonal appearance at the farmers markets I use a mixture of tart, firm, sweet and yielding apples like Granny Smith, Golden Delicious and Pink Lady or Fuji. I love the taste of brown sugar in a pie, but if you prefer more sweetness and less ...read more

Evan's Caramelized Apple Gallette
Recipe: Caramelized Apple Gallette -
Evan Kleiman

Sometimes you want a gallette instead of a pie.  You're shocked hearing that from me? Well, don't be.  Apparently I enabled a gallette to be the winning "pie" at the last pie contest.  And you know why?  Because of the increased caramelization possibilities of more exposed crust and the ability ...read more