Mama Simpson’s (I Mean My) Apple Pie

So how does it feel for your favorite recipe to show up on The Simpsons?  Well, beyond surreal that’s for sure.  When they first reached out via email to ask if I’d like to contribute a recipe to the episode I thought it was a prank.  But then they sent me the script.  When you agree to do something like this you do the work, send it off then pretty much forget about it.  The recipe’s author is what’s called an “easter egg”.  It’s something buried in the episode that only a certain kind of obsessed nerd will discover, like a little present.  Except this time I guess enough folks were watching the credit roll to see my name assigned to the recipe.  The first mention of it on media was on Indiewire, quickly followed by Eater.

If you want to make the recipe you can try doing it from Mona’s recipe card.

Or you can follow my original recipe which actually has the butter listed in the ingredients (hahaha).  You can find several dough recipes on this site and on the Good Food Blog.  There’s some more apple pie making advice on the Good Food Blog as well.  But here’s the doh! recipe I make the most.  

If you want the ultimate Evan Kleiman Apple Pie Recipe in HD Video.  Yes, such a thing exists then check out my Craftsy Class.  Almost 10,000 people have taken it.  Isn’t that crazy?  Here’s a testimonial I got just the other day.

Anyway, without a doubt this Simpsons experience is the coolest thing that’s ever happened to me.  I want to thank the writers who are some of the smartest people I’ve ever met (expect some pie soon!) and especially James Brooks for being a fan and thinking that adding my personal obsession to his own would be good synergy.  And special thanks to Richard Sakai for being so kind and supportive.

I have to go make a pie now.  Apple Pie.  mmmmm.  Nothing better for breakfast.

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