making ravioli
Meat Ravioli from Leftovers -
Evan Kleiman

I'm sure that tucking a bit of leftover food into a sheet of pasta aka ravioli had its origins in creating abundance from very little.  They are the perfect food to use up leftovers.  You just need two things.  Some fresh egg pasta in your freezer and some good stuff that you more

Handkerchief Pasta with Spring Veggies
Silk Handkerchiefs, the Queen of Fresh Pasta -
Evan Kleiman

Silk Handkerchief pasta or in the Genovese dialect Mandilli de Sea (Seta in Italian) are lovely floppy casual folds of delicate eggy fresh pasta draped on a plate.  They are also the easiest and quickest fresh pasta to make at home.  If you want to taste a template of how more