Bowl of Cooling Yogurt -
Evan Kleiman

When it's really hot and appetite flags a cooling bowl of yogurt can be all you need.  This combination, taken from the Persian kitchen is halfway between Mast-o-Khiar the cucumber-yogurt dip that accompanies many dishes and an Ash-e-Mast or yogurt soup. In my version I use full fat Indian yogurt more

Pizzoccheri, Cheesy Pasta of the Italian Way North
Recipe: Pizzoccheri, the Comfort Pasta of the Season -
Evan Kleiman

The refrigerator is suffering from in-between celebration emptiness. A lonely cabbage sits there with a nice head of garlic, a elderly chunk of fontina and some grated parm. And yet it’s enough to create a world of comfort because I have a package of Pizzoccheri purchased several weeks ago. Prounounced more

Evan's Caramelized Apple Gallette
Recipe: Caramelized Apple Gallette -
Evan Kleiman

Sometimes you want a gallette instead of a pie.  You're shocked hearing that from me? Well, don't be.  Apparently I enabled a gallette to be the winning "pie" at the last pie contest.  And you know why?  Because of the increased caramelization possibilities of more exposed crust and the ability more

Late Summer Chopped Gazpacho
Recipe: Last Gasp of Gazpacho – Old School -
Evan Kleiman

The Mom asked for Gazpacho for dinner.  Knowing her well I asked if she wanted it the way we made it at Angeli, meaning the traditional Spanish way, a smooth puree of soaked bread, vinegar, copious extra virgin olive oil and tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and onion.  No, she said.  She more