ButterUp Knife: Solution to a Simple Problem


The Stupendous Splendiferous ButterUp

The Stupendous Splendiferous ButterUp

Like a lot of people I troll Kickstarter, mostly because I’m intrigued by the combination of confidence and creativity that results in creating a project that makes it to the site. Because I’m a cook who appreciates good tools I tend to be attracted by physical objects that purport to solve a problem.  Like the The Stupendous Splendiferous ButterUp, a knife with an edge of sharpened perforations that solves the problem of how to spread very cold butter on a piece of toast or bread.  I liked that this was a very small problem they set out to conquer.  And there is, of course, the name.

Many of us just leave some butter on the counter and hope it’s consumed before rancidity sets it.  Or we soften our butter in the microwave or eat bread torn to pieces by an as yet not quite awake yet determined person willing to sacrifice beauty for that first bite of morning sustenance.  Or like Jonathan Gold you’ve already figured out that a vegetable peeler works on cold butter.  However, I was looking for the perfect holiday gift for the Good Food team and this was going to be it.  Sorry guys, the package of stupendousness just arrived today.  And really, I don’t care if I ever use it, although I’m sure I will.  I’m just contented it exists.  It doesn’t appear to have a retail outlet yet, although there are already poorly conceived knockoffs online.  Be patient and keep checking their website.

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