Adventures in Japanese Cooking: Udon

My Japanese cooking adventure continues.  It’s lovely to have someone to cook for every night, especially someone as sweet and encouraging as my student roommate Miku. Given the heat I figured that she might appreciate a bowl of cold udon.  Now that my pantry is stocked with Japanese basics it’s so easy to put together.  You can buy udon frozen that’s decent, but I have a giant bin of flour and feet (that’s how you knead the dough) so I’ve been making it.  One of my online mentors is Nami from Just One Cookbook.  So far everything I’ve made using her recipes has received the thumbs up from Miku.  I didn’t take pictures of making the dough or kneading it so check it out on Nami’s site.  This is the third time I made the noodles and it gets easier every time.  I started doubling the recipe so that we always have some in the freezer for quick meals.

Using Nami’s Tanuki Udon as I guide I garnished the noodles with wakame, pickled cucumbers, daikon and soft cooked eggs (which I finally nailed).  I forgot to add the tenkasu for crunch.  Next time!

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