Roy Choi’s “Street Food” on CNN to Debut Oct 13

Roy Choi debuts on CNN

So the guessing game of who’s  the “Anthony Bourdain protegé” to be getting the new CNN show is over.  Surprise?  It’s Roy Choi and the show is Street Food with Roy Choi. The web series debuts on CNN Digital October 13.  For those inclined to binge, the eight five minute episodes will be easy going down, but don’t expect it to be a food centered show. The first season takes small bites of an LA rarely shown on TV.  The thirty minute total sweeps through LA culture from Roy’s street perspective.  Art, music, empowerment through make-up and some food, of course.  Included in the opening season are: YouTube sensation, Michelle Phan , Jon Favreau, Mike D. , Anthony Bourdain himself and artist Sage VaughnIf the show has traction Choi hopes to take us to more cities using the template of small bites of one city at a time, one season at a time.

When Bourdain was asked if he had any advice to bestow on Choi he responded, “No way.  The guy knows who he is and what he’s doing”.  That’s for sure.  A funny moment for Choi had to be during the segment with Jon Favreau, director of Chef when all of a sudden the tables are turned.  Roy’s behind the camera and Favreau is the one doing the cooking.

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