Community Seafood Share: Ridgeback Shrimp Recipes

The Andrews

Keith and Tiffany Andrews in the SB Channel


It didn’t take long for me to figure out that signing up for a Community Seafood share is a good idea.  First of all, I don’t eat enough fish.  So knowing I’ll have to pickup 2 lbs. every 2 weeks is a great idea for me.  It also solves the pesky problems about making the enlightened choice.  Many sustainability questions are taken care of by signing up with a local fisherman’s coop.  And you get to meet another part of your food web, the fisherpeople. Community Seafood is a community supported fishery in Santa Barbara, CA.  “Locally and sustainably harvested with a story behind every meal” as they say. I’ll let you know what I got, who fished it and what I made from it.  What a great surprise to discover what you’ll be cooking via an email the day before pickup.  This particular harvest was spectacular.  Santa Barbara Ridgeback Shrimp are actually a prawn, a sweet, delicate, crisp taste of the sea.  Despite having a pretty big range from Baja to Monterey most folks haven’t ever had them because they never show up in supermarkets and rarely in restaurants.  Why?  They have an incredibly short shelf life.  I was told to cook them the same or next day after pick up and to clean them immediately.  They have an enzyme that turns the shrimp blue as they age.  OK.  Cleaning immediately.  Then the fun began as I cooked the shrimp scampi style.  Here’s a mosaic of everything I did with this batch. As I catch up with writing the recipes I will add links from more photos. Thanks to the husband and wife fishing team Kieth and Tiffany Andrews for hauling them in.

Click on pics of the Shrimp Broth,  Shrimp Scampi Style and Shrimp Risotto for recipes

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  1. is this only for LA peeps?? i would love to join this. we just joined an egg CSA (i get 4 doz every month) + our regular CSA. we are thinking to join a meat one too!

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