Icy Melon Refresher



frozen melon puree

you can do a lot with a melon

It’s hot.  You’re miserable.  You have a beautifully ripe market melon that you’ve been too lazy to eat.  You long for anything that will sate your thirst and cool you down but you want to expend as little energy as possible.  Here’s what you do:

Peel the melon (green, orange, white, red – any aromatic melon will do)

Scoop out the seeds

Cut it up or break it apart as you stuff it into your blender or food processor

Puree it

Add lime juice and sugar to taste.  (If it’s a sweet summer melon you won’t need to add much sugar). I like to add a pinch of salt.  Puree again.

Carefully pour it into a zip type plastic bag or anything you can put in your freezer.

Freeze it.  If you think of it or pass by the freezer massage the bag once an hour.  If not, don’t worry about it.

After it’s frozen you can:

Break it up with an ice pick and suck on the pieces like a stick-less popsicle or melony ice cube.

Put a couple chunks in a glass and add water for an instant Agua de Melon

Add a shot of whatever booze you like to the above

Run a fork over it to create large icy granules commonly known as Granita.

Put some pieces in the food processor and process it to create a fine grained sorbet.

Add a shot of whatever to the above to create an alcoholic slushy.

Don’t you feel better?


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