SemolinaLA Rigatoni
Made in LA: SemolinaLA -
Evan Kleiman

SemolinaLA kickstarter.  Support a talented and tenacious LA maker. I'm a pasta snob.  I admit it and I don't apologize for it.  I believe that great pasta is an Italian cultural artifact that's been given to the world.  And when I talk about pasta I'm talking about DRY PASTA, that more

Pasta alla Ricotta
Recipe: A Simple Pasta with Ricotta -
Evan Kleiman

A simple pasta is a live saver.  How many nights are you rescued from eating out of a box just because you know how to throw together a good simple pasta?  First tip:  Don’t just rely on tomato sauce to coat the pasta.  I love good sweet, milky ricotta and when I’m more

dried fresh pasta or "malfade" badly made with Tomato Butter Sauce
Malfade aka “Badly Made” Pasta -
Evan Kleiman

By now I hope you're starting to figure out that I rarely make an isolated "dish" or "recipe". Nearly everything I make starts out with something I already made before.  I hesitate to call it a leftover.   I have a very wide definition of mise en place.   It's all more