Sephardi Haroset dried fruit and citrus
Haroset Making Time -
Evan Kleiman

Surprised not to see apples and walnuts?  Over the years my Passover menus have become a mashup of Ashkenazi, Sephardi and Italian traditions.  I developed this version of haroset over many conversations a very long time ago with talented food stylist Victoria Granof who was the first pastry chef at more

Passover PopUp with Evan Kleiman
Event: Passover PopUp at The Skirball -
Evan Kleiman

Sticky date-apricot-raisin haroset with the aroma of juicy oranges, mild whitefish drowned in caramelized onions and drenched in a mustardy shallot vinaigrette.  Classic Angeli garlic-rosemary-lemon chicken and a spring veg "mazzagna".  It sounds like Angeli Passover to me.  I have really missed making this special dinner so I'm thrilled that more