Screening: The Search for General Tso


Join me, Zach Brooks and Jennifer 8 Lee producer of The Search for General Tso.  I had the great pleasure of interviewing Lee and and the filmmaker Ian Chaney for Good Food (as yet unaired) about the new documentary and look forward to covering more ground with her.  The entertaining film covers Chinese immigration into the US particularly as it relates to the astounding spread of Chinese-American food across the US.  It’s worth seeing alone for the baffled faces in China when shown pictures of the popular Chinese American dish.

Screening Info:
WHEN:  Sunday, Jan 4 AT 5:10pm
WHERE:  Arena Cinema, 1625 North Las Palmas Avenue. Hollywood, CA 90028
HOW MUCH:  $15 gets you into the screening, the discussion afterwards, and of course, free General Tso’s Chicken (after the screening)  Ticket Purchase

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