how to fix runny pie
Pie Fail = Just Another Opportunity -
Evan Kleiman

On the eve of a lot of pie baking I gift you with a story of failure turned into success as a reminder that perfection is it's own kind of hell.  Yeah, I know.  You get to a point in life where you say to yourself, really?  When will the more

Horchata Cream Pie
Recipe: Horchata Cream Pie -
Evan Kleiman

In my quest to both get better at making cream pies and to enjoy eating them I challenged myself to come up with some flavors I enjoy in general.  It's the best kind of inspiration. Then you can fiddle around until the cream filling that embodies the flavor you're looking more

cereal cream pie
Cereal Milk Cream Pie with Coconut -
Evan Kleiman

Momofuku's Christina Tosi's Cereal Milk creations are legendary.  It's to the point where they sell the prepared Cereal Milk in pint bottles so you can feed that itch on the go.  As I was drinking the remaining milk from a bowl of cornflakes I wondered.  Why not Cereal Milk Pie? more